Kindles in Schools - Tech and Teaching

K3 - Edition

Managing A Kindle 1 to 1 Program

Kindle's Unique Selling Proposition:
You can send documents to your Kindle by E-mail for free over its wi-fi connection

Reader Feature List:

Browser Feature List:

Teaching Feature List:

Kindle Teaching Best Uses

  1. The Kindle can replace, books, photocopies, notes etc - for a direct measurable cost and environmental savings
  2. Allow students read a book using larger type size to reduce eyestrain
  3. The Kindle allows wireless on demand distribution of content to wherever the student is. (homework assignments etc)
  4. The Kindle allow on demand access to dictionary, wikipedia and other reference websites
  5. Reduce the pounds of material (books/laptops) that students are required to carry.
  6. The Kindle allows fast access to webmail, web class websites, and other web tools over wi-fi connection.

Kindle Apps - Are Here

Note: On Apps some are free most are $0.99
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